Most frequently asked questions

Buying and installing a new bathroom is a major undertaking. There is a huge choice of equipment and a vast number of manufacturers. Sometimes, the more you research what is available the more confused you become. Questions tumble over each other.

Rest assured that most people who install a new bathroom will feel a degree of anxiety and many of the questions you have, will have been the same as others who have 'taken the plunge' before you.

Just click on the question(s) that you are interested in and our answer will appear. If your question is not here, or you need more information, please phone us, email, or drop into the showroom.

Design Questions

My Bathroom is very small, I am not sure that there is much that can be done with it. What do you suggest?

In some cases it may be true that the lay out, or position of the bathroom equipment is fairly set, but you can still transform the room with such a vast range of beautiful and innovative equipment that is available. In other cases it may be possible to change the format of the room using the knowledge that we have gained over the years. Feel free to ask, we may have a number of suggestions that you have not thought of.

I am thinking of removing my bath and replacing it with a large shower cubicle. However, I am concerned that it could hinder me selling the house in future.

In our experience, it is probably best to retain the bath if it's the only one in the house. After all everybody needs a good long soak now and then. There are a number of excellent shower/baths available these days that have dedicated screens. These baths often have extra room at one end and rolled up rims to help retain water.

My shower tray is raised off the floor. Can I lower it?

It will of course require a survey, but there is a good chance that we could lower it, even if the joists run 'the wrong way'.

We have a large tiled boxing with the basin and toilet stood against it. Can we remove it?

This is typical of 80s and 90s built houses. We often remove the boxing in its entirety and replace it with built in furniture of the same depth. This offers extra floor space in the room, storage facilities and easy access to the cistern for servicing.

I've got a cast iron bath at the moment. I don't want a plastic bath, I've been told they move and break the seal against the walll tiling.

Acrylic baths have come a long way since they were introduced in the 70s. Yes, there are still poor quality baths on the market, but we will help you to avoid those. Good quality acrylic, or composite baths, if installed correctly, are equal to the old cast iron or pressed steel variety.

Installation questions

Will I have a skip on my drive?

No. We always remove the old bathroom rubbish, by van, on the first day.

Will I be without toilet facilities overnight?

No. If you only have one toliet in your house, we will make sure that it is available to you overnight.

Will we have hot and cold water supplies during the day?

The hot and cold water supply will be disrupted for very short periods of time whilst we disconnect and 'cap off'. 

What hours do you work?

Our fitters start at 9.00am and finish at 5.00 - Monday to Friday.

Will there be a lot of mess?

No. Our fitters always lay dust sheets from the front door to the room that is being refurbished and clear up every evening. Of course with any major job there will always be some dust!

We both work during the day, can we give you a key?

Yes. this is normal. Our fitters are used to working in this way.

Terms of Business Questions

Do I pay a deposit on acceptance of your quotation?

No. We don't ask for any payment at this stage.

When do you require payment?

We require payment for equipment 7 days prior to the start date of the work. The installation payment is due to the fitter, on completion of the job.

Can I pay by credit or debit card?

Yes. We accept credit and debit cards for payment of the equipment. The installation cost needs to be paid by cheque to the Fitter.

Terms of Business Questions - Supply Only

How do I pay you when I just order bathroom equpiment?

We ask for a 25% deposit on placement of your order and the balance by credit, or debit card prior to delivery.