We know that any building work can be unwelcome, so we 1276_pauls_bathrooms_aug_2010_pic_r_swann1.jpgand our recommended installers use our experience to ensure a professional project management service that ensures you minimum disruption during the project.

We will ensure that we have all your equipment, in advance of the work starting, so there will be no delays waiting for parts to arrive. You only make payment for all the bathroom equipment when it arrives at your house. You will only make payment for the installation after it is completed.

Once work starts, it will be continuous, with a commitment  to complete without delays. Disruptions to the water supply are kept to a minimum.

The installation teams are highly experienced and very aware of the quality and finish expected. We have worked together for many years. This long association enables us to be confident of your satisfaction and future recommendation.
All the old bathroom equipment will be removed from your house at the outset and there will not be a skip on your drive.

All work is fully guaranteed. Once your bathroom is installed all you will have to worry about is who gets to use it first!!